bear1 [ber]
BORE, borne (see 3), bearing, bore, born [ME beren < OE beran < IE base * bher-, to carry, bring > L ferre, Gr pherein, Sans bharati, (he) bears]
a) to hold and take along; carry; transport
b) to hold in the mind [to bear a secret]
2. to possess as a part, characteristic, attribute, etc.; have or show [the letter bore his signature]
3. to give birth to: the passive past participle in this sense is born when by does not follow
4. to bring forth; produce or yield [fruit-bearing trees, coal-bearing strata]
5. to support or hold up; sustain
6. to sustain the burden of; take on; take care of [to bear the cost]
a) to undergo successfully; withstand; endure [her work won't bear scrutiny]
b) to put up with; tolerate [she can't bear him]
8. to call for; require [his actions bear watching]
9. to carry or conduct (oneself)
10. to carry over or hold (a sentiment) [to bear a grudge]
11. to bring and tell (a message, tales, etc.)
12. to move or push as if carrying [the crowd bore us along]
13. to give, offer, or supply [to bear witness]
1. to be productive [the tree bears well]
a) to lie in a given direction [the lighthouse bears due east]
b) to point or be aimed toward: with on or upon [artillery deployed to bear on the fort]
c) to move in a given direction [bear right at the corner]
3. to have bearing (on); have a relation [his story bears on the crime]
4. to tolerate; put up patiently (with)
5. to be oppressive; weigh [grief bears heavily on her]
bear a hand
1. to give help
2. Naut. get to work! help out! work faster!
bear down
1. to press or push down; exert pressure
2. to make a strong effort
bear down on
1. to press down on; exert pressure on
2. to make a strong effort toward accomplishing
3. to come or go toward; closely approach
bear out
to show to be true; support or confirm
bear up
to endure, as under a strain; keep up one's spirits
bring to bear on or bring to bear upon
to cause to have an effect on [he brought his influence to bear on the lawmakers]
SYN.- BEAR1 implies a putting up with something that distresses, annoys, pains, etc., without suggesting the way in which one sustains the imposition; SUFFER suggests passive acceptance of or resignation to that which is painful or unpleasant; ENDURE implies a holding up against prolonged pain, distress, etc. and stresses stamina or patience; TOLERATE and the more informal STAND both imply self-imposed restraint of one's opposition to what is offensive or repugnant; BROOK2, a literary word, is usually used in the negative, suggesting determined refusal to put up with what is distasteful
bear2 [ber]
pl. bears or bear [ME bere < OE bera < IE * bheros, brown animal < base * bher-, brown (> BROWN, BEAVER1, L fiber): orig. euphemism for taboo name prob. seen in L ursus]
1. any of a family (Ursidae) of large, heavy, omnivorous carnivores that walk flat on the soles of their feet and have shaggy fur and a very short tail: bears are native to temperate and arctic zones
2. a person who is clumsy, rude, gruff, churlish, etc.
3. [short for bearskin jobber < phr. to sell the bearskin, i.e., to sell the skin before the bear is caught] a person who believes prices on the stock or commodity markets are going to decline, esp. one who sells shares, etc. in the expectation of buying them later at a lower price: opposed to BULL1 (sense 3)
4. Slang a difficult task [checking these computer files is a real bear]
falling in price [a bear market]
be a bear for punishment
to be able to withstand much rough treatment; be rugged, tough, determined, etc.
the Bear
the constellation Ursa Major or Ursa Minor

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